Papal Paganism’s Kiss of Death

This most recent Interfaith attempt will celebrate Masonic and Islamic Sufist paganism infused by South American primitive animism and witchcraft. It is little wonder that the world-renowned Austrian Catholic philosopher, Dr. Josef Seifert (pro-life author of many noteworthy books on Catholic doctrine), seeing what the Pope is doing, has signed a petition calling on the bishops of the world to “investigate Pope Francis for heresy.”

(Peter Jones – truthxchange)  Pope Francis is walking away from most forms of historic Roman Catholicism, taking countless followers with him. Obviously Protestants do not accept works righteousness, the divinization of Mary, papal divine inspiration and many other Roman Catholic doctrines….

However, Protestants and Catholics believe that God created the world; that Jesus is the Son of God, born of a virgin; that he died and rose again physically; that he will return, and so on. Protestants could depend on Rome to stand with the rest of Christendom in defending a basic Christian worldview against the forces of atheistic secularism and religious paganism in such areas as pro-life and pro-marriage issues.

What will happen when the present consequences of papal apostasy create a worldwide church whose beliefs undermine all that historic Christianity stands for? What levels of spiritual confusion will inhabit the thoughts of the watching world? What will they believe true Christianity to be? Will they be seduced by this false form of it?

I use the word apostasy deliberately. Apostasy means a complete “standing away from,” an abandonment of essential truth. In three areas, the Pope is leading the Catholic Church into areas of doctrinal and practical heresy that go far beyond any they have promulgated in previous history—in the areas of homosexuality, of interfaith relations with Islam, and of animistic paganism.  View article →


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