How Russell Moore is Causing the Border ‘Crisis’ He Complains About

“The news released today reveals even more information that Soros is intentionally trying to drive as many immigrants to the American border as possible. Then, he has his evangelical allies – orchestrated by Russell Moore – complain about their mistreatment, when our border accommodations are overwhelmed by their intentional instigation.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Russell Moore doesn’t have time (apparently) to talk much about abortion or homosexuality these days, but he’s got lots of time to complain about the ‘unfair treatment” of criminals trying to unlawfully invade our sovereign borders. He also has time to talk about deepfake nudesArtificial Intelligencevirtual reality, and aliens….

But what many people don’t realize is that while the bleeding heart leftist leader of the Southern Baptist Convention’s lobbying arm complains about the ‘inhumane’ treatment of criminals crossing the border, he’s actually helping to manufacture that crisis.

Russell Moore unapologetically works for George Soros, the corrupt globalist Democratic financier whose ambition it is to demolish nation-states around the globe. Moore’s ERLC runs the Evangelical Immigration Table, which is a Soros-started and Soros-funded organization under the umbrella of his National Immigration Forum. When other evangelicals, like Eric Metaxas, found out they had been suckered into work for George Soros on the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT), they publicly repudiated it and apologized, but Russell Moore happily continued on. After all, the Soros-connection shouldn’t surprise Moore, because the EIT website says it’s run by the ERLC.  View article →


Russell Moore