Ben Carson Tells Tucker Carlson He Would Never Work for a Racist: ‘I Would Be Out of There in Two Seconds’

“I certainly have had an opportunity to see what racism is, you know, growing up in Detroit and the ’60s…this is a magnificent country, you know, where someone like me could grow up in poverty, become a brain surgeon [and then] a Cabinet member [for the president of the United States]. You know, why would anybody knock a place like that? And if it was such a bad place, people wouldn’t be forming caravans to come here.”

(Maureen Mackey – LifeZette)   Speaking on Wednesday evening to Fox News host Tucker Carlson on “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Ben Carson, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development, said of President Donald Trump, “I’ve never seen any evidence of that [racism] whatsoever. Our conversations have frequently centered around disadvantaged people in our country and what we can do to elevate them.”

“And it seems to me like a racist wouldn’t spend so much time on second-chance legislation,” added Carson. “He wouldn’t spend so much time with opportunity zones, trying to take people who have made a lot of money and put those unrealized capital gains into areas that have traditionally been neglected so that people can rise. He wouldn’t spend so much time working on affordable housing, recognizing what the crisis was. The list goes on and on.” View article →