Mueller’s testimony will not give Democrats what they crave. Can they handle it?

“I never believed a special counsel was legally or factually warranted. But if we assume for argument’s sake that a special counsel was necessary, then the single central issue he was needed to resolve was: Is there a prosecutable obstruction case against the president?”

(Andrew McCarthy – Fox News)  Prepare to be disappointed.

That should be Democrats’ mindset heading into Robert Mueller’s appearance this week before two House committees. The greater the anticipation of the testimony, the more the letdown is apt to be.

That is because the special counsel simply is not going to give them what they crave.

Democrats want Mueller to say he would have charged President Trump with obstruction of justice were it not for Justice Department guidance instructing that a sitting president may not be indicted. Mueller cannot say that without contradicting his report and his statements at a late May press conference.

He is not going to do that.  View article →