Battle of the Sexes—Not What You Think: Sides A, B, Gay-Christian, or Other?

“All this is to say that Christians who deal with same-sex attraction are neither alone nor unique as to struggles in this one area of life.  To perceive oneself as particularly called to exceptional suffering borders on pride and ignores the reality of the rest of the body of Christ.  A same-sex attracted person matters to God and to the church, but is no more special or exceptional than any other believer.” [emphasis added]

(Helen Louise Herndon – The Aquila Report)  A new battle of the sexes has appeared in the Church—a battle that was unimaginable not long ago.  All who are involved profess to be Christian. This battle involves three parties, two of whom relate directly to those coming out with same-sex attraction and a third party who relates indirectly to the first two.

To understand the battle’s bases, an explanation must be given.  Of the first two parties named as same-sex attracted, one side is called “Side A” and the other “Side B.”  Those called “Side A” represent a nontraditional Christian view of human sexuality.  Those called “Side B” represent a traditional Christian view of human sexuality.  The third party rejects the perceptions and positions of the first two.  Specifically, the issue is sexual orientation, practice, and identification.

“Side A” decided the traditional Christian view was not correct (after more than 2,000 years!) and affirms and condones same-sex sexual relationships.  “Side B,” on the other hand, decided that while it is not sin to be gay it is sinful to have same-sex sexual relations and, therefore, does not condone such sexual relations.  View article →


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