‘Largest Pedophile Ring On Earth’: Abuse Lawyers Make First Case Against The Boy Scouts

“Despite the fact that abuse within the BSA has been rampant for decades, there has been no Congressional oversight. As far back as 1910, Kosnoff said, the Boy Scouts kept records of accused predators. In the 1970’s, Boy Scout employees began destroying evidence of sexual abuse if the victim was 80 years old or older.”

(Mary Margaret Olohan – Daily Caller)   Lawyers representing Boy Scout sexual abuse victims called on Congress to act in a Washington, D.C., Tuesday press conference.

The Abused in Scouting (AIS) legal team announced their first case filed against the Boy Scouts of America at a Washington, D.C., press conference, claiming that there has been thus far no Congressional oversight involved in the massive sex abuse scandal within the Boy Scouts.

The lawsuit was filed Monday in Pennsylvania and the plaintiff, who has remained anonymous, alleges that he was assaulted hundreds of times by a scout leader in the 1970’s.

The file contains the names of over 300 alleged sex abuse predators from 48 states and the District of Columbia. North and South Dakota are the only states that have not  spoken out to the AIS team, the lawyers said Tuesday.

“Each one of these 350 abusers has probably dozens of other victims who have not come forward,” lawyer Stewart Eisenberg told reporters. View article →


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