Hillsong Writer Marty Sampson Renounces His Faith on Instagram

“Notice how Marty Sampson’s Instagram statement of unbelief imports the exact “true to me right now” sentiments Hillsong’s music has taught our churches to sing about what they believe for years. Their music style mimics the spirit of the age: truth is subjective, the message is vague and malleable, and feelings are the alpha and omega.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Marty Sampson has become a mirror of his god for all on Instagram to observe: blind, groping, and dumb.

The songwriter for the ‘Christian’ band Hillsong, recently announced his hardened disbelief on Instagram. Sampson’s song lyrics have been broadcasting his rejection of the true and living God found in the Bible for years, but gullible Evangelicals have shut their eyes and swayed to the music. Now Sampson speaks his apostasy clearly enough for even the most starry-eyed among us to get it.

No Shock Here

We have been warning P&P readers about Hillsong for years. This Charismatic, multi-site megachurch, founded by a pedophile, dominates the contemporary worship movement. Their songs are ubiquitous on the screens of trendy churches throughout the world. Tragically, even churches who claim a high commitment to Biblical inerrancy in their preaching have succumbed to singing the vaguely-spiritual Hillsong mantras for their worship.

We warned that Hillsong operates as a cult. The worship teams forthrightly confess allegiance to their Senior Pastor’s agenda above all, even to the point of covering his sexual abuses.

We exposed Hillsong’s vision to redefine the church as a vast movement of “broken” (hint: when you read this word, think unrepentantly sinful) souls Jesus loves even more for their worldliness. In Hillsong diddies, Christ conforms to the lost who are merely victims of their circumstances: “broken, trapped, wounded, let-down, hurting…”

Little wonder, the antinomian Hillsong leaders are on record as both gay affirming and abortion affirming. We warned that Hillsong preaches an ecumenical, prosperity gospel, promising riches and happiness to all those who speak the right phrases.  View article →


God’s Holy Name, Misused And Abused, Even By Believers



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