The ERLC Publishes an Article on Women Written by a Feminist Lesbian

For Rebecca McLaughlin, the New Testament works as a Critical Race Theory / Intersectionality / Liberation Theology manifesto. In the world of Critical Race Theory, the world is divided into identity groups at war in a zero-sum game. For one group to be lifted up, another must be pulled down.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  The ERLC has published an article on Jesus and women written by a lesbian Critical Race Theory / Intersectionality advocate. What could possibly go wrong here?

Rebecca McLaughlin recently wrote an article for the ERLC website on “How the Gospels Show that Jesus Valued Women.” Russell Moore and his ERLC work overtime to push Evangelical Christians leftward in our views of everything from animal rights to private property ownership, while simultaneously mesmerizing simple minds with distracting dribble: Do cats make it to heaven? What about space aliens? Should we baptize robots? All the while the ERLC adroitly avoids what the Bible has to say about the most pressing Ethical and Religious Liberty issues of our day: abortion, Drag Queen Story Hour, the militant homosexualist agenda. So why wouldn’t the ERLC use the writings of a lesbian to teach us how to read our Bibles on the topic of women with fresh eyes? View article →


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