Marianne Williamson’s presidential candidacy shines light on ‘A Course in Miracles’

We recently posted a piece entitled “The Curious Mystical Text Behind Marianne Williamson’s Presidential Bid, that delved into the New Age guru’s background and examined the occult book she introduced in her New York Times Best Seller “A Return to Love.”

To the surprise of many, Williamson got a lot of attention during the second Democrat debate. Literally thousands Googled her. You can bet that many of those folks bought her books; likewise, they bought “A Course In Miracles.” For our subscribers who missed the story, we told you that the Course claims to be dictated by Jesus Christ Himself.  Nothing could be further from the truth. According to a CRI Statement: “It is intelligently organized and simply written. It appeals to personal pride and can become almost addicting emotionally. It is carefully designed for radically restructuring a person’s perception against Christian faith and toward New Age occultism.”

A word of warning: Anyone who reads Marianne Williamson’s books or chooses to study the Course is wading into treacherous waters. Before you take the plunge, keep in mind that you’ll be entering Satan’s domain.

With this backdrop in place, here’s Danae King’s piece over at The Columbus Dispatch. King writes:

The small group sat in the chapel of a Northeast Side church, fans whirring as they closed their eyes and listened to the soothing, hypnotic voice of William Carpenter tell them they are breathing in peace as they inhale.

“We’re moving from praying to God to praying in God,” said Carpenter, the group’s facilitator. “There’s nothing you have to reach out for … There’s no effort to pray in God. We’re already whole, perfect and complete.”

The group was practicing “A Course in Miracles,” a text they and Democratic Presidential candidate Marianne Williamson follow. Though not known as a religion, the text, published in 1975, does reference God and Jesus.  View article →


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