Todd Bentley Accused By Colleague of Homosexual Acts and Teenage Sexual Abuse

“…a male intern that witnessed such things, took it to Rick Joyner, and ultimately nothing was done and Todd was still allowed to go on in ministry as if everything was okay….Rick Joyner refused to help this young man with his personal restoration after the 2013 incident.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte) Todd Bentley is the hyper-charismatic faith healer who claims to have raised multiple people from the dead and claims he heals people, yet with zero evidence of such healings. He has been involved in sex scandals as long as he’s been known in the charismatic world, who fell from ministry and was subsequently restored by Rick Joyner.

A man closely involved in Bentley’s ministry by the name of Stephen Powell has come forward with allegations of homosexual activity and sexual abuse at the hands of Todd Bentley. If these allegations are true, and Todd Bentley has been acting sexually inappropriate with underage teens, then the authorities should be involved in this. View article →


Wolf in sheep’s clothing Todd Bentley

Wolf in sheep’s clothing Rick Joyner

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