Todd Bentley Confirms Disqualifying Accusations in Public Confession

“Bentley claims to have been working through these sins with appropriate restoration and repeatedly invoked the name of Rick Joyner as someone who has “been calling around to leaders” for him, which sounded like Joyner was basically doing Bentley’s crisis management.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  After a former staffer came out publicly with accusations about Todd Bentley’s ‘open marriage,’ homosexuality, and sexting, the evangelist went to Facebook to confirm some of the allegations and (vaguely) denying others.


Over the last 24-48 hours, alternative Christian websites like the Bible Thumping WingnutReformation Charlotte, and Pulpit & Pen have written about accusations toward Bentley on behalf of Stephen Powell, a former colleague of Bentley who claims that he was engaged in the most despicable kinds of personal immorality.

Powell’s accusations include claims that Bentley:

  • Repeatedly sexually harassed male interns, asking for sexual acts to be performed by or upon them in exchange for money
  • Sexually harassed female fans and asked for nude photos and engaged them in physically inappropriate ways
  • Sent nude and illicit photographs of his wife to those he believed would be interested in sexual liaisons with her in a group setting
  • Was repeatedly caught viewing pornography, and treated it very nonchalantly
  • Other various accusations regarding substance abuse, crass language and general ungodliness.

You can see a more thorough list of the accusations hereView article →


Rick Joyner Admits He Knew Todd Bentley Practiced Sexual Immorality


Wolf in sheep’s clothing Todd Bentley

Wolf in sheep’s clothing Rick Joyner

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