Watch Fake Tongues on Jim Bakker’s Program

There is no hint whatsoever that the gifting of “tongues” is nonsense gibberish gobbledegook. Charismatics turn to 1 Corinthians 13:1 which speak of the “tongues of angels,” but Paul clearly was referring to fine oration and lofty speech. We know this because we see angels quite a bit in the Scripture and they are always speaking a human language (even when they’re seen in Heaven). It turns out that angels don’t speak gobbledegook either.

(Pulpit & Pen)  Just for the sake of a discernment exercise, do you want to hear what ‘fake tongues’ sounds like? Here you go.

Do you remember the charismatic prophet who claimed that the 2018 synagogue shooting would lead to a cure for cancer? Yeah, his name was Hank Kunneman and so far, there’s been no cure for cancer. Anyway, this false prophet charlatan was recently on Jim Bakker’s program, which is basically where false prophets go to sell their stuff after they’ve given enough wrong predictions nobody is listening to them anymore except Charisma Mag and paroled felons.

Deuteronomy 18 says that if someone gives a false prediction in the name of God that they’re a false prophet and never to listen to them again, but Bakker brought Kunneman out to help sell some survival slop, which is when he supposedly got a word from the Lord (in gibberish).

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