There Is No ‘Gay Gene,’ Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds

“Will the release of this comprehensive study finally put this issue to rest? Doubtful. Past studies have done little to shift public opinion on this. But, the size and comprehensive nature of this new study ought to crush the “born that way” myth. What is the LGBT lobby to do? It appears they are trying to spin this study as reaffirming to their beliefs.”

(Matt Margolit – PJ Media)   Recent polls have shown that most Americans believe that homosexuals are “born that way” rather than become gay as the result of environmental factors. In fact, perpetuating the belief that sexual orientation is innate has been crucial to the gay rights movement….

According to the most recent Gallup Poll on the subject, 88 percent of people who believe homosexuals are “born that way” support the legality of same-sex marriage, while only 39 percent of those who believe homosexuality is the result of environmental factors support the legality of same-sex marriage.

So, what happens when science proves that homosexuals aren’t “born that way”? Perhaps we’ll find out. A new comprehensive scientific study of the biological roots of sexual orientation released Thursday proved that there no “gay gene” and that genetic factors are insignificant in determining sexual orientation.  View article →


From the study: “We found several personality traits (loneliness and openness to experience), risky behaviors (smoking and cannabis use) and mental health disorders, but not physical traits, to be significantly genetically correlated with same-sex sexual behavior … We emphasize that the causal processes underlying these genetic correlations are unclear and could be generated by environmental factors relating to prejudice against individuals engaging in same-sex sexual behavior, among other possibilities.”


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