New Apostolic Reformation Chooses Michael Brown to Lead Todd Bentley Investigation

“Bentley has repeatedly referred to NAR Apostle, Rick Joyner, in self defense, claiming that Joyner was aware of his past misdeeds and was working on restoring him to ministry. Joyner confirmed this in a video, in which he attacked Bentley’s (rightful) accusers, by claiming they were “witches” even while acknowledging their accusations were accurate.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Michael Brown is the go-to guy for charismatic crisis management, for as we have previously discussed, he’s an apologist for the devil. Brown first attacked and shamed Todd Bentley’s abuse victims and whistleblowers last week, and now he’s been selected by New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) leaders to oversee the investigation into Bentley’s homosexuality, polyamory, and drunkenness.

Brown has also routinely claimed there is no such thing as the “New Apostolic Reformation,” which is as bald-faced a lie as Thabiti Anyabwile claiming that there is not “Evangelical Social Justice Movement.” Brown has literally served in institutions whose purpose statements claim to explicitly be a part of the New Apostolic Reformation, and Brown is surrounded by and promotes its most vocal Apostles. In fact, Brown is a member of the U.S. Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, which considers itself a part of the NAR.    View article →


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