‘Babies Are Gross’: People Sign Petition to Protect Unborn Eagles, Refuse Petition to Protect Unborn Babies

“I think anyone can make their own decision about their body,” another asserted who had just signed the eagle egg petition. “Babies are gross. … You know what it does to your body? You’re not a woman, so you have no idea.”

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  In a video posted online on Wednesday, PragerU’s Will Witt took to Echo Park in Los Angeles to ask the public to sign a petition to protect unborn eagles, followed by another petition seeking the protection of unborn humans. While potential signees were eager to support the eagle petition, they immediately refused to sign the petition to stop the killing of babies.

“We have a petition to stop the killing of eagles, like eagle eggs. People disturb them or destroy them,” Witt told those he stopped on the street. “These eagles have rights, you know. We don’t think they should be harmed. There should be harsher penalties for those kinds of things.”

Receiving unflinching agreement, the footage then shows several happily signing the petition, making remarks such as “Eagles are people too” and “I hope you save the eagles.” Destruction of eagle eggs is already illegal under federal law.

Before Witt moved on, he then advised that he had another petition — one that seeks to stop the killing of human babies. At first, some were taken aback at the terrible thought, but once they realized Witt meant abortion, they quickly changed their mind.  View article →


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