‘Biological Male’ Is a Leftist Propaganda Term; Let’s Not Use it

He may have his genitals “surgically removed, which would make him a castrated delusional man who wants to be a woman. He may add, through surgery, breast implants — which would make him a very bizarre looking castrated delusional man who wants to be a woman. But nothing will ever make him a woman, or bring him any closer to being a woman, regardless of how extreme or tragic the act or desire.”

(Selwyn Duke – New American)  Calling someone a “biological male” makes as much sense as speaking of a canine dog, feline cat, bovine cow, mechanical machine, or biological human — and we shouldn’t use the redundant term. So says writer Florian Barbedienne, warning that it’s a “tautological” propaganda device designed to promote the Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS or “transgender”) agenda.

Barbedienne’s point is that language can influence thinking, and the side defining the vocabulary of a debate wins the debate. Yet when fighting cultural and political wars, conservatives consistently use the Lexicon of the Left, relinquishing half the battle (at least) before it has even begun.

It wasn’t that many years ago that “biological male” was unheard of, and this is for a simple reason. “‘Male’ is a Solely Biological Term,” writes Barbedienne, at American Thinker. “It is defined by various aspects of biology such as genetics, embryology, phenotypic morphology, and especially sexual anatomy and the structure and types of sex cells.”  View article →


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