Limbaugh: Everything Media’s Telling You About Trump Impeachment Is A Lie

Though he said all the Democrats’ lies are “too numerous” to list, the host offered his listeners some of the big ones, including Democratic House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff having “lied through his teeth” when he made up quotes about Trump supposedly asking Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to “dig up dirt” on Joe Biden in the famous July 25 call.

(James Barrett – Daily Wire)  Conservative commentator Rush Limbaugh came loaded for bear on Monday, repeatedly taking aim at the Democrats’ and the Drive-by-Media’s impeachment narrative, which he said is made up entirely of “lies.”

“The one thing that will get you through this and the one thing that you have to understand, is practically everything in the media about impeachment is a lie,” Rush said on his radio program Monday (transcript via “Everything is a lie. There isn’t any of it that is true, except if you switch things and have it apply to things the Democrats have done. Then most of it becomes true.”

“It is the most amazing thing, and they continue to make it up as the days and the hours go by,” he said. “They make it up to fit whatever objection is raised. They make it up to fit whatever suspicion is raised about what they’re doing. There are no boundaries here, folks. They’re gonna get rid of Donald Trump by hook or crook no matter what, and it doesn’t matter how. It doesn’t matter the mechanism. It doesn’t matter the validity. They’re going to do it. They have intended to do it since election night of 2016.”  View article →