Marianne Williamson And Pete Buttigieg Are The New Proselytizers Of Politicized Religion

“Buttigieg and Williamson’s support for unlimited abortion up to birth is an assault on the child-mother bond. They won’t speak up for the fatherless child who craves a father. They certainly won’t speak up for the child who is confused after being de-sexed by a school curriculum that pushes transgenderism. They are also both very much on board with the censorship and social engineering the Equality Act requires. And Williamson’s proposal to further bureaucratize the lives of children through a new federal “Department of Children” is Orwellian stuff. … The moral relativism of both New Age and “progressive Christianity” is disastrous. So-called progressive Christianity is self-serving with a huge dose of hypocrisy.  There is no end to the bureaucratic hell they would produce in the name of their religions. The state will provide and provide and provide until individuality and self-reliance fade into distant memory.”

(Stella Moribito – The Federalist)  James A. Pike, a bishop of the Episcopal Church active in the 1950s and ’60s, was in many ways a footnote in modern American history. Yet he was an influential media figure in his time, an agitator of radical religion and politics. His legacy is still clearly visible today, 50 years later, both in the church and today’s growing vacuum of faith, and in today’s marriage of convenience between the superficially religious and left-wing politics.

Pike was first ordained as a priest in 1946, and later became increasingly extreme and outspoken in his politics and theology, which was often heretical. Then, to top it all off, he took a deep dive into the occult — publicly. More on that below.

Pike’s death was just as dramatic as his career. In September 1969, he wandered lost and confused in the Judean Desert, trying to replicate the footsteps of Jesus for a book he planned to write. He was ill-prepared for the trip, and there he died of thirst, heat stroke, and a 60-foot fall into a canyon.  View article →


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