Atheist Group Files Complaint Against Judge In Amber Guyger Case For Talking To Her About Redemption

“[Freedom From Religion Foundation] is filing a judicial complaint about this unconstitutional proselytizing. We need more compassion in our criminal justice system, but here, compassion crossed the line into coercion. Judges cannot impose their personal religion on others.”

(Amanda Prestigiacomo – Daily Wire)  An activist atheist group has filed a complaint against the judge in the widely covered case of off-duty Dallas cop Amber Guyger, who was sentenced to ten years behind bars on Wednesday for the killing of Botham Jean. Guyger shot and killed Jean after she says she mistakenly entered the wrong apartment, believing the 26-year-old accountant was an intruder in her own home.

To the disapproval of the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation, Judge Tammy Kemp confronted Guyger with her own personal Bible, highlighting a verse from the Gospel of John concerning redemption through Jesus Christ.

“After speaking to Botham Jean’s family, Judge Kemp left the room to get her personal Bible,” NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth reported Wednesday. “She returned to the courtroom and read a passage to Guyger, telling her ‘this is where you need to start,’ and ‘this has been put in front of you for a reason.’ Kemp gave her personal Bible to Guyger and the two hugged before Guyger exited the courtroom.”  View article →


Amber Guyger & Botham Jean