The Sting

“The truth is Nancy Pelosi is hitching a ride on the impeachment train – she’s not the driver.  She knows the press will provide cover for the Democrats and believes the impeachment process, even if it doesn’t result in removal, will damage Donald Trump in his re-election bid.”

(Bill O’Reilly)  If you read my new book “The United States of Trump,” you will learn exactly why the President made the request for information on Joe Biden to the President of Ukraine.  Simply put, Mr. Trump believes that Mr. Biden as well as President Obama and Hillary Clinton got away with unethical, perhaps illegal, political activities in the “Russia Collusion” thing.

That belief has almost become an obsession for the President.  He is driven to expose the three who he is convinced caused him and the country grave harm.  Mr. Trump is determined to uncover the corruption he believes took place during the 2016 campaign and beyond.

Enter the “whistleblower,” an anonymous federal employee who has caused Donald Trump much harm.  Apparently, the still unnamed person gathered hearsay, hired three attorneys, then brought a damning and “urgent” accusation to a federal Inspector General who, intriguingly, states the informer may have a political bias. View article →