New Bill Would Require Reports on Babies Born Alive After Abortions and Left to Die

Data that the CDC collects also confirms babies are born alive after attempted abortions.  Between the years 2003 and 2014 there were somewhere between 376 and 588 infant deaths under the medical code P96.4 which keeps track of babies born alive after a “termination of pregnancy.”

(Steven Ertelt – Life News)  New Congressional legislation would require states to disclose the number of babies born after failed abortions, and on those who did not receive appropriate medical care and treatment.

Senators Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) have sponsored the Ensuring Accurate and Complete Abortion Data Reporting Act of 2019. With abortion activists denying that babies survive abortions and falsely claiming infanticides ever occur afterwards, the report would provide a more accurate picture about what happens.

“Only a few states report cases where babies are born alive during abortions,” Cotton said in a tweet. “We know about dozens of cases already. How many don’t we know about?”

Cotton told National Review that the data is “life or death.”  View article →


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