‘Women Should Be Pastors’ Was Central Theme of SBC Conference

“A famous anti-Trump, liberal lady-pastor made national headlines this year for sexually harassing a gay member of her church staff. Bill Hybels, now suspected of sexually abusing staff members, is a fully egalitarian church. Contrary to Boz Tchvidjian’s opinion, the woman abused at Willow Creek would not have been abused had she not been in the room to make decisions.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Under the guise of supporting abuse victims, the Democrat-controlled Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) hosted a conference over the weekend with the main underlying purpose of advocating for an end to male-leadership in the denomination.

Aside from Beth Moore attacking complementarianism (the belief that men and women are equal, but have different gender roles) as the source of much sex abuse and claiming that egalitarians (those who want female preachers) also hold to Biblical inerrancy – a spurious claim that Southern Baptists have traditionally rejected – almost every speaking at the Caring Well Conference advocated for female church leadership. The conference was largely a response to reports in the Houston Chronicle that alleged the presence of roughly 700 abuse victims in the SBC, a denomination of more than 14 million members (which is statistically no worse than abuse stats in any other denomination, and dramatically better than most).  View article →


Beth Moore

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