Priest Loses It Over Pope’s Recent Pagan Worship, Posts Protest Video

“We would like to encourage Fr. Goring of Ottawa to become a Protestant. We would also encourage him to understand that the Mass of the Roman church and its Maryolotry is as pagan as any ritual found in the Amazon.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  After Pope Francis bowed to worship a statue of a topless Amazonian fertility goddess this week, at least one Romanist priest ‘lost it’ on video and posted his angst over Pope’s apostasy to the Internet. Pulpit & Pen wrote about that pagan worship at the Vatican in the post, Pope Francis Worships Topless Earth Goddess With Pagans at the Vatican.

A growing movement in the Roman Catholic church is increasingly protesting their own Pope. Organizations like Lifesite News, the Lepanto Institute, and Church Militant all regularly criticize Pope Francis and his Marxist, liberalizing influence on the Romanist church around the world.

One sincerely wishes that our friends with these anti-Francis publications and ministries would protest their way outside the Roman Catholic Church and into Biblical Protestant theology.

Fr. Mark Goring of Ottawa posted a video to the Internet that, although not condemning the Pope, showed clear frustration with his (worse than usual) idolatries. View article →


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