Planned Parenthood: The Killing Machine

“In our day, when there is a greater outrage to cutting down a tree or to hunting an animal than to the relentless killing of unborn children, we are sliding headlong into the oblivion that such prior monstrous societies have erstwhile gone speedily.”

(Theodore Zachariades – Pulpit & Pen)  The Killing Machine, Planned Parenthood, is planning to dump 45 million dollars into a concerted effort to oust President Trump and thereby secure the continuing validity of Roe Vs. Wade….

Their hatred for the president is primarily for his condemnation of abortion as a social ill. Trump has been firm in his defense of the sanctity of human life. The infamous Planned Parenthood fears that with the re-election of Trump to the White House and the potential of a majority of like-minded supporters in the Senate and House, Pro-life advocates in the days ahead may have the political clout to raise public outrage so as to urge the Supreme Court to revise its ruling of 1973. Reversing Row vs. Wade would bring back the ability for States to once again ensure hefty restrictions on on-demand abortion with no fear that they are violating the Constitution. Would to God that baby-killing sees its last legal license to end the life of the living unborn, soon and very soon.  View article →


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