James MacDonald Makes First Public Appearance at Men’s Retreat for Chicago-based Megachurch

On Sunday, my husband, Neal, attended New Life Covenant’s 10 a.m. service … After the service, Neal approached Marrero and engaged him in conversation. However, Neal said that when he identified himself and inquired about James MacDonald speaking at the retreat, Marrero’s eyes got wide and he made a cut motion with his hand across his throat, saying, “I’m not answering any questions about James MacDonald.”

(Julie Roys)  Disgraced former celebrity pastor, James MacDonald, this weekend made his first public appearance since being fired from Harvest Bible Chapel for engaging in conduct “harmful to the best interests of the church.” MacDonald reportedly taught at a men’s retreat for New Life Covenant Church, a Chicago-based megachurch that boasts a weekly, global attendance of 17,000.

On Saturday, someone sent me pictures of MacDonald at the retreat. This morning, Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller tweeted that men at New Life Covenant’s retreat were told not to take pictures.

Over the weekend, I reached out to New Life Covenant Senior Pastor Wilfredo “Choco” De Jesus for comment, as well as several other pastors at the church, but no one responded. I also texted MacDonald, who did not respond either. I contacted the leadership at Harvest Bible Chapel, asking whether anyone at the church knew about MacDonald’s speaking engagement. Harvest Lead Ministry Pastor Greg Bradshaw responded, “We were unaware of this event and have had no contact with New Life Covenant about it.”  View article →


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