ANTIFA Radicals Support LGBT Exploitation of Kids in Child Drag Show

“The extreme left works in tandem to mainstream pedophilia while committing acts of domestic terrorism on the streets. Western Civilization will not survive unless this agenda is soundly defeated. Church Militant published a report on how ANTIFA’s domestic terror agenda intersects with the LGBT’s aggressive recruitment agenda…”

(Jim Kouri – News With Views)   Despite the Deep State/Democratic Party’s lip service regarding child welfare and protection, they are quick to abandon their rhetoric on protecting children from bodily and mental abuse by members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Queer Community.

In the city of Denver, Colorado, ANTIFA (Anti-Fascist), an organization opposed to Republican politicians especially President Donald Trump showed up to support a drag show where sexualized children were exploited for the twisted enjoyment of the pro-LGBT attendees.

Mile High Comics in Denver, CO hosted a “Drag For All Ages” show on Sunday, which has become a weekly event. The events have drawn an increasing amount of controversy as word has spread.

ANTIFA showed up to counter the Colorado Proud Boys, who demonstrated outside of the event to show opposition to children being used to push this bizarre sexual agenda. ANTIFA activists maintain that the opposition are the predators for opposing the event.

One regular reader of this website who wish to remain anonymous asked the following question, “Where is the good Christian community? Where are their pastors? Silence is not golden, it’s cowardly.”  View article →


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