Jeffress Defends Endorsement of Paula White’s Book, But Admits He Hasn’t Read it ‘Word for Word’ or Researched Her Theology


When I asked Jeffress if he’s sure that White’s theology is orthodox, and that she is not a proponent of the prosperity gospel, Jeffress said, “All I can say is she claims not to be.”

(Julie Roys)  Prominent Southern Baptist Preacher, Robert Jeffress, is defending his decision to endorse a book by controversial preacher, Paula White, saying her book does not promote “prosperity gospel.”….

However, when pressed about whether he’s certain that there’s nothing in White’s book that supports prosperity gospel, Jeffress said: “My schedule is so busy, I can’t read every book word for word. But what I did see was really her autobiographical account of her past and how God redeemed her life.”

Jeffress and several other prominent evangelicals—including Jack GrahamRalph ReedFranklin GrahamGreg Laurie, and Jerry Falwell Jr.—are facing criticism for endorsing White’s new book, Something Greater. All the evangelical leaders who endorsed White’s book, except Franklin Graham, sit on Trump’s Evangelical Advisory Board, which White chairs. Franklin Graham and Greg Laurie have since removed their tweets endorsing White’s book.  View article →


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