Trump Adviser, Paula White, Says it’s God’s Command to Support Jim Bakker

Donald Trump & Paula White. Photo credit: Christian Today

“Is there no end to these hucksters and their repeated money-grabbing? Gullible saints and deluded folks that are in the “Get Rich Quick” approach to religion are taking big risks. They are urged to write checks in the thousands and hundreds of thousands to get a return on their investment. But, unlike venture capitalists that have done their homework and know a good deal when they evaluate it, these greedy givers are the ones being taken.”

(Theodore Zachariades – Pulpit & Pen)  Jim Bakker recently enlisted Trump’s “spiritual adviser”, Paula White, to help him collect the money of gullible believers so he can build a greater venue for spreading his message. The tactic he used was ingenious.

White told viewers they had to donate thousands of dollars so Bakker could build a new studio. She added that there is a “Treasury Department” in Heaven paying close attention to how viewers spend their money. Wow!

No doubt, this has been named spiritual fear-mongering: Heaven is keeping watch! You better write that check. View article →


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