Large Southern Baptist Church Leaves Denomination Over Its Support of Beth Moore

Mentioned in his sermon is SBC support for Beth Moore, their leadership’s attacks on John MacArthur, the passage of Resolution 9 (promoting Critical Race Theory), SBC leaders promoting Paula White, and it’s generalized liberalizing and its promotion of Social Justice.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Another Southern Baptist Church has left the SBC over what many are calling a complete undoing of the Conservative Resurgence. Pastor Jeff Noblit of the booming Grace Life Church of the Shoals (Muscle Shoals, AL) mentioned a number of problematic issues with their denomination but said that the denomination’s support for Beth Moore’s ministry was “the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Noblitt announced to the congregation that he and the rest of the church’s elders were united in asking the church members to abandon the liberalizing denomination.

John MacArthur’s comments over the weekend, in which he said that Beth Moore should “go home” and stop preaching, should have received widespread approval in the SBC and would have only a few short years ago. Instead, SBC officials like Convention President, JD Greear, mocked MacArthur and other leaders like Danny Akin rebuked MacArthur for his position on female preachers. Previously, Russell Moore had said, “An SBC that doesn’t have room for Beth Moore doesn’t have room for a lot of us.” View article →


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