Disney sacrificing children’s innocence again

“Cole contends that Disney is more concerned about pushing a liberal agenda rather than just focusing on providing family-friendly content.”

(Bull Bumpas – OneNewsNow)  A parents’ watchdog group finds it “completely unnecessary” that Disney has chosen to proudly inject the issue of homosexuality into an animated series for children.

As reported by Yahoo.com, a Disney spokesperson has confirmed that two characters in the animated series Star Wars Resistance – shop operators Orka and Flix (pictured) – are “gay.” That report quotes executive producer Justin Ridge saying: “I think it’s safe to say they’re an item. They’re absolutely a gay couple and we’re proud of that.”

Monica Cole, director of OneMillionMoms, says she isn’t surprised by the disclosure. “And even though OneMillionMoms is not shocked by this news, we’re all extremely disappointed that now they are openly including a gay couple – which we find completely unnecessary,” she shares. View article →



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