Let Me Explain That Laughter at Beth Moore Real Quick

“People laughed because they rejoiced at hearing truth. They also applauded and ‘amened.’ Joy is the natural reaction to truth-telling among truth-loving people.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  When Dr. MacArthur told Beth Moore to “Go home” and stop preaching over the weekend, the audience laughed. Some people were infuriated not by the comment itself, but by the laughter of the audience.

Here is one example of a well-meaning fellow who took exception with the laughter and found it confusing.

The person writes, “The one thing that truly bothered me though was all the laughter. Beth is not a spectacle to be laughed at. She needs prayer as well as her followers. Anyone headed to hell is NEVER a laughing matter.”

Fair enough. Let me explain the sentiment of laughter.

First, contrary to what some have suggested, this was not laughter done by a group of “men” who were laughing out of an abundance of poorly misplaced testosterone.  View article →


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