‘Christian’ Fortune Tellers Now Offer Destiny Card Readings

Christalignment, a group that has no connection to the Lord Jesus Christ, uses what they call “destiny cards” to practice the prophetic. These are actually tarot cards, which is a tool of the occult, but the cards have been given a new name. Many people, including professing Christians, sadly, will actually allow someone to attempt to tell them their future. Using cards to tell one’s future is really no different from gazing into a crystal ball or doing a teacup reading to see what the future holds. Other occult practices include spells, incantations and speaking to or channeling spirits. God forbids His people getting involved in these sorts of things — we’re not to know the future! In the Bible these practices are called sorcery.

Pupit & Pen has a short piece on what Christalignment is up to:

Disavowed by even the false prophets at Bethel Church Redding, the Christalignment movement dresses up tarot cards, fortune telling, and dream interpretation as “Christian” and markets these for $10 a session.

It takes only a little study of the Bible and of occult practices to understand that Christians ought not be soliciting “destiny card readings” or seeking “spiritual healing” from those who offer dream interpretation services by email.

Some sacrilege has to be seen to be believed. Christian, take heed. Understand the dark times we live in. Anything branded as “healing” and “spiritual” can attract a crowd. How much more, then, ought we who have the true gospel be offering it to a hungry world?

Tell the world where healing is to be found. On some level, they know they need it.


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Reprinted with P&P’s permission. Original article appears here.