Disgraced Pastor Mark Driscoll to Speak at Larry Osborne’s Conference on ‘Healthy, Thriving Ministries’; Sponsors Drop

“Osborne…has a history with Driscoll dating back 15 years and served on Mars Hill’s Board of Accountability (BOAA) and Advisors until Mars Hill closed in 2015. In 2014, when the church planting network Acts 29 kicked Driscoll out of its organization for “ungodly and disqualifying behavior,” the BOAA refused to do the same. Since then, Osborne has continued to partner with Driscoll, speaking at Driscoll’s church, endorsing Driscoll’s books, and speaking with Driscoll at ministry events.”

(Julie Roys) Mark Driscoll, the disgraced, former pastor of Mars Hill Church who resigned amid allegations of bullying and abuse of power, is slated to headline Sticky Teams West 2020—a “premier leadership conference,” on building “healthy, thriving ministries.” As a result, sponsors are dropping their support of the conference.

The Sticky Teams conference is hosted by North Coast Training, a church consulting ministry led by megachurch pastor and “nationally recognized trainer of leaders and pastors,” Larry Osborne. On Saturday, I tweeted that Driscoll was speaking at the Sticky Teams conference. The next day, one of the event sponsors, Bethel University, suddenly disappeared from the website.

I reached out to Bethel for comment but did not hear back. However, Bethel Seminary Professor Andy Rowell said that Bethel officials told him that they will not sponsor the Sticky Teams conference because Driscoll is a speaker—something Bethel learned on Saturday.  View article →


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