When a Canadian Explained to Me the Horrors of Socialized Medicine

At the bottom of all this Medicare for All business is the weakness it shows that resides to varying degrees in all of us.  It is the weakness of ignorance about liberty, history, and economics.  It is also the weakness of not wanting to grow up.  And that combination of ignorance, foolishness, and childishness only wrecks the adult world in which we live.  Socialism in medicine or anything else is not kind, not compassionate, and not progressive.  What it produces is mean, nasty, dark, destructive, and regressive.”

(Bonnie Cohen and Howard Sachs – American Thinker)  I was in line at Costco — that wonderful example of American liberty, capitalism, the profit motive, and what it brings us — namely, a bounty of wonderful goods and services we freely choose, all at low cost and high quality.  Costco is an example of what’s right in America….

So why not pass the time and strike up a conversation with the fellow customer in front of me?

I heard from her accent she was from Canada.  I asked her about socialized medicine.  I said to her that all the men and women of the American Left (the Democratic Party) tell us to look to Canada, to a big powerful government as a model of what we should seek to run our own health care here in America.  This articulate, open, and wise woman responded and warned me about such nonsense.  She reminded me of what is fast fading in America: a people in love with liberty and all that it brings.  Millions in America now tragically and foolishly follow the lead of the freedom- and wealth-destroying Left.  Its propaganda, false promises, and foolish ideas are alluring but in the end destructive.  Their values would destroy the Costcos of America.  They are well on the road to destroying our great medical system.  View article →