Parents Stand Strong, Planned Parenthood Holds Obscene Fundraisers

The purpose is “an irreverently playful night of fundraising, fitness, sex talk, and exotic pole dance performances.” And of course, no sexual anarchy meeting is complete these days without making sure men dressed as women, or women dressed as men, are validated and welcomed.

(Linda Harvey – Mission: America)  [Warning: graphic content]  When I consider the long-term well-being of our children and what they are taught at school, my first thought always goes to pole-dancing. How about you?

Planned Parenthood apparently thinks this way. A fundraiser called “Femme Fest” is being held in Olympia, Washington by the Northwest and Hawaii Planned Parenthood political action group, and it’s labeled a “sex education information” evening.

The timing is ironic in relation to a recent school board vote in the nearby Battle Ground school district that rejected pornographic, pro-abortion “comprehensive sex education” via a curriculum called FLASH. These lessons funnel girl clients into Planned Parenthood clinics, but the surprising vote rejected this form of sex education.

How did such a miracle happen? Parents Rights in Education, Southwest Washington State chapter, and other parent groups orchestrated a huge turnout by local churches. The Slavic/Russian community rallied for a protest in Olympia last spring, drawing more than 2,000 people, and much prayer and fasting along with meaningful dialogue with officials turned a predictably comfortable win by radicals into a thumbs-down loss. View article →


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