The Unspeakable Pride of False Teachers

“As a side note, if you wonder why Beth Moore is always in the news, it isn’t because the mean people won’t leave her alone, it is because she does exactly as the verse says false teachers do: stir up controversies. In fact, false teachers have a unhealthy interest in quarrels and they promote malicious talk and evil suspicions.”

(Elizabeth Prata – The End Time) Regarding the strange video Beth Moore made of herself and posted on Instagram. She filmed herself working out in pajamas, slippers, and bed head. The point of her video was to reassure her followers just how normal she is. She panned the camera to show her slippers working the step on her elliptical machine, took care to pan up to the lump of bed hair that wouldn’t lay down, and to note that she is still in pajamas, to which she gestured.

Moore opened the video by saying she thought she would share with us how “glamorous” she is, how “glamorous the ministry” is, of course meaning the opposite. She explained to no one who had asked, that she had taught the night before and well, when you arrive home you’re wound up. Beth said you have to wash some clothes and clean the kitchen and all that. Who can sleep? And well, when she awoke this morning she “ministered through a little devotional thread on social media”. She coyly explained that was why she was still in her PJs and she had to work out before going to work. “You need to see me on my elliptical in my house shoes” Moore said. So she thought she would just share.  View article →


Beth Moore