Why Do These Pastors Desire to Dress and Act Like Effeminate, Homosexual Men?

Hipster pastors Carl Lentz & Judah Smith

“The argument is that making yourself relevant to the world will attract people to the gospel. Historically, church-hating people have always argued that church is boring and that they would probably go more often if Christians wouldn’t be so dull.”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  An unsettling trend in the church is that men who presume to speak on behalf of God want to dress and act like effeminate, homosexual men. The “hipster” pastor movement is a phenomenon unbeknownst to the early Church and to practically every historic expression of Christianity since Christ walked the Earth….

The incessant need to be relevant in a culture that hates God — as opposed to being, as the Bible calls us to be, set apart — is mind-numbing.

While the world embraces such aberrant practices as homosexuality and feminism, pastors — especially those among the Hillsong and Elevation brands — desire so much to be like the world that one would never know that they even claimed to be a Christian if it weren’t for their fame and fortune.  View article →


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