Beth Moore Insinuates MacArthur Has ‘Wrong Jesus’ at National Preaching Conference

“Moore said that the Bible does not “show women displacing men but being placed in positions of ministry along with men.” Of course, of Jesus’ 83 ecclesiastical appointments (counting the 70 witnesses and his apostolic selection), not a single one was a woman.”

(Pulpit & Pen)  Beth Moore was welcomed ‘home’ at the National Preaching Conference earlier this week, hosted by progressive Baylor University and its liberal theology school, Truett Seminary.

Welcoming Beth home was Linda Livingstone, the president of Baylor University. Then, this monstrous regiment of women set about to butcher the Bible’s texts and go on the offensive against Dr. John MacArthur who said her name was associated in his head with the phrase, “go home” at his own conference last month.

Since MacArthur’s “Go home” comment, America’s leftist evangelicals and heretics have circled wagons around Moore, defending her as some kind of battered or abused woman. The only abuse that is regularly happening in Beth Moore’s life is that of the Bible, which she proceeded to do again at the National Preaching Conference. View article →


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