Mohler Says Women Shouldn’t Preach in Long-Winded, Barely Coherent Statement

Like clockwork, Mohler espoused straight-line, solid and correct doctrinal positions with his words. That Mohler will be orthodox in his words is predictable. And in reality, Mohler’s position doesn’t sound any different than Dr. John MacArthur (except he did not apply it to a specific person).

(Pulpit & Pen)  In a barely intelligible, stuttering, vaguely-coherent and painfully long answer on his podcast to a question about female preachers, Mohler claimed that the Bible does not allow women to preach to men.

The long and stuttering answer from Mohler could have been summarized in two words…Go home.

Mohler clearly felt uneasy answering the question and apologized several times for taking such a long time to give the answer. He was, once you cut through the stammering trepidation, in the end clear that the Bible forbids women from being elders or having the “function of elders,” which includes preaching.

Mohler even seemed to suggest that women shouldn’t preach to men even if it’s outside the Lord’s Day assembly, so long as it resembles the Lord’s Day assembly. The reason for this, Mohler claims, is that there is an underlying principle involved in the Bible’s prohibitions on female clergy and that principle transcends the Sunday worship service.

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