Why Are So Many Christians Paralysed by Fear and Compromise?

“The other side keeps winning because we are far too fearful and willing to compromise. We keep putting up the white flag of surrender when we should be resisting and trusting God. We are involved in a full-scale Satanic attack, and only the full armour of God will suffice here.”

(Bill Muehlenberg – Cultural Watch)  The other side keeps winning because we live in fear, and too easily capitulate

I know of entire churches and denominations that have caved and capitulated to the world, to the militants, and to the activists. And there are many parachurch groups and Christian businesses doing the same. And plenty of individual Christians are following suit as well.

Too many seem to fear man and are putting up the white flag of surrender. The other side keeps on winning because we keep running in fear, and we keep capitulating, and we keep not trusting God to be with us in times of persecution and hardship.

The sad situation with Chick-fil-A is just the latest of many examples where such groups are living in fear and compromise, and are willing to capitulate here and there. I keep seeing examples of this here and overseas, and it bothers me greatly to be honest.

I am not meaning to be glib here about the situation of others. If someone’s livelihood, family, job or financial situation is in jeopardy because of this, those are genuine concerns that we must take seriously. Leaving aside the big corporations or big churches for the moment, many of these individuals have families to feed, bills to pay, and mortgages they are struggling with.

So I am not being superficial and insensitive here when I urge these folks who are facing persecution to stand strong, to be brave, to pray for some Holy Ghost boldness, and to fully trust God to care for their families during these difficult days.

And a main reason I am not – or cannot – be glib here is that I know full well it is only a matter of time before I am in the very same situation. Soon enough I will be targeted and/or sued by the militants and their state supporters, and I will have to make some hard choices. View article →


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