An Update On Dr. Brown’s Investigation into the Bentley Scandal (And It’s Bananas)

Back in 2008 I wrote several articles on Todd Bentley’s shenanigans during the Lakeland Outpouring. People from all over the world showed up at the event in Florida, there to witness “a move of the Holy Spirit.” But as it turns out, the Third Person of the Trinity was a no show at the Lakeland Outpouring. According to 2 Cor 11:14, “…even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.” That weekend Satan’s minions came disguised as the Spirit of God. Sadly, most attendees, who were largely charismatics, were fooled into thinking that a counterfeit holy spirit was the real deal. 

In Bam Bam Bam said the False Prophet I pointed out that a growing number of professing Christians are biblically illiterate; thus, they’re becoming more and more gullible. I say that because thousands of people actually believe that Todd Bentley is a prophet and a healer (they also believe he’s a family man…lol). But the truth is, Bentley is nothing more than a third rate charlatan, a false prophet, false teacher, in the words of the Lord Jesus, he’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing….

In the following piece you will see that Todd Bentley is about as morally corrupt as one human being can be (I brought this to light in Todd Bentley separates from wife and Lakeland).  So with this backdrop in place, here’s Dustin Germain’s piece over at Pulpit & Pen:

A few days ago Dr. Michael Brown gave an update on the Todd Bentley tribunal, which was convened to investigate numerous salacious accusations that had been publicly lobbed at Todd during the summer, and which included tales of adultery, sexting, pornography use, and various sundry perversions.

The update from Dr. Brown was essentially a plea for patience, informing that they were in the final phases of the investigation but needed a bit more time and would soon post their findings. The text of that update has been posted below.

Consequently, Todd Bentley released a two-hour live Facebook video titled “THE INSIDE STORY ON MY CALLING, MY TRIALS, AND MY PATH OF RESTORATION: In-depth Interview w/ Todd Bentley and Michael Fickess”

Todd has not made any public statements about the tribunal since the process began, and so this was his first foray into sharing his side of the story.

[Publisher’s Note: Bentley has repeatedly attacked the tribunal in sermons released via his podcast feed as being biased, hypocritical, and having no authority over him]

Here are a few observations and thoughts that stand out.

  1. Bentley used several new sentences that we had never heard before, not being particularly conversant in charismatic-speak. Three that stood out were (A) repeated references to what Todd describes as “the glory liquid honey cloud experience” (B) a man claiming to have an encounter with “an angel named ‘Oscar the grouch’” and (C) “The Jason Bourne anointing” which is “an anointing given to expose the kingpins in the prophetic movement and bring back holiness.”

[Publisher’s Note: I am too busy doubled-over in laughter to focus here. Even though Bentley is serious, this is hilarious – JD]

  1. Todd insists several times that all the sins he’s been accused of happened prior to 2014. He repeatedly says that they were six to ten years ago, and that “it’s easy to believe a lot of bad things about me because I have a past” and that everything happened in his past and none of these sins are current.

  2. At the same time, he does say some things that make it seem like it’s not really in the past, but more recent. He says “Are you walking in freedom now from sexual sin? I’m free, and I’ve been free for a long time, doesn’t mean I don’t have struggles, doesn’t mean I haven’t been guilty of texting and flirting and different things,” and “I have my life in order. I don’t have any unconfessed or sin that I haven’t addressed from the past. And I’m not here to debate was it three months ago, six months ago, a year ago, five years ago. I’m not here to give timelines,” and “its years old….most of this.”  View article →


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