James MacDonald Sues Fellow Believer Again–This Time It’s Mancow

“In the new lawsuit, MacDonald is seeking more than $50,000 in damages from both Muller and WLS parent company, Cumulus Media, for several counts of defamation, invasion of privacy, inflicting emotional distress, and eavesdropping.”

(Julie Roys)  Barely a month after issuing a public “repentance,” and apologizing for a lawsuit he called “fearful and defensive,” disgraced, former Harvest Bible Chapel senior pastor, James MacDonald, has sued a believer again. This time, the target is Chicago radio personality Mancow Muller—a former church member and confidant whom the lawsuit accuses of defaming MacDonald.

The new lawsuit filed last week in Cook County Circuit Court accuses Muller of falsely calling MacDonald a “con man” and fabricating stories about MacDonald on Muller’s morning show on WLS-AM. These stories included claims that MacDonald was scheming to murder “rivals” and to plant  “kiddie porn” on Muller’s computer.

This is the second defamation lawsuit MacDonald has filed in just over a year. In October 2018, MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel sued the authors of The Elephant’s Debt blog, their wives, and me for defamation. MacDonald and Harvest dropped the suit last January after a court ruled that documents subpoenaed in the case could be made public. Harvest has subsequently apologized for the lawsuit and reimbursed The Elephant’s Debt authors, their wives, and me for court costs and damages.  View article →

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