12-Year-Old Boy Being Groomed To ‘Give Birth’ Via Corpse Womb Transplant

Every single cell in the human body is coded male or female. This is why the transgender movement is simple rebellion against the authority of God in creation that codes the 37 trillion cells in your body as male or female. It is a social, sinful, emotional rebellious construct. Transgender people are simply actors in the theater of the absurd. Gender is unchangeable.”  —  Pastor Scott Brown

(Pulpit & Pen) In August, Pulpit & Pen reported that ‘transgender women’ (aka men) are demanding womb-transplants from corpses in order to shove a baby in their abdomen and carry it until it has to be cut out of them. Because of the law in Great Britain granting ‘transgender’ people the same medical treatment, they are entitled to this grotesque procedure as ‘fertility treatment’ because they’re legally recognized as women….

Now, a twelve-year-old boy is being groomed to receive this house-of-horrors procedure.

Ashton Lammin (who now goes by “Ashley”) is a 12-year-old boy who has begun taking puberty-blocking hormone treatment designed to radically and dangerously alter his body’s chemistry because his mother said he wanted to be a girl since age 3.

Three-year-olds, of course, have lots of dumb ideas; some think they can fly and others think they’re invisible. These dumb ideas are to be worked through and educated, not embraced. The mother should win a horrid-mom-of-the-decade award for turning her son into a monster. View article →


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