Toddler Death at Bethel Reveals the True Damage from NAR Theology

“Since I know few will say it, I must. You cannot expect miracles when your base is actively working against God. The bible says that we are either gathering people to Christ or scattering them away. Which do you think Kris Vallotton does? What about ecumenicalist Darlene Zschech? Rich Wilkerson? Really?” 

(Anthony Wade – 828 Ministries) When practicing discernment regarding false theologies we often here the lament, “what’s the big deal?” Joel Osteen has encouraged millions of people, leave him alone. Joyce Meyer has helped countless women, don’t pick on her! In defending Bill Johnson and Bethel Church, Dr. Michael Brown once told me, “You do not know them, they love Jesus.”….

It has always saddened me that people who call themselves Christians seem overly focused on protecting the wolves and show little to no compassion for the sheep being devoured. I think the reason for that is that the truth of the devouring gets lost in the analogy. We can look at a cartoon of sheep being bloodied but not realize that it represents a real person. You see the truth about the key verses is that our hope in death is no longer found in this life. Our hope in Christ is in the eternal life He died on the cross to give to us. Many of the false teachings of today, including the NAR is a love of this life. A virtual obsession with this life. Their hope seems not in the eternal but in usurping the power of God to extend this life.

Ground zero for the false teachings of the NAR is Bethel Church in Redding California. Their NAR dominionism values this world. Their false signs and lying wonders misappropriates scripture to convince people that they have the power of God. It is the same sin of Lucifer. It is the same sin he then tempted Eve with in the garden; to be like God. They pretend our words create as the spoken word of God does. The evil practice of grave sucking the anointing of dead charismatics started at Bethel. They operate a dead raising team that claims they have resurrected 15 people, with shockingly no witnesses. When Dr. Brown defends them by claiming they love Jesus he cannot see that the jesus they love is false. Their jesus is wing man, not a Lord. He is the buddy jesus not the Savior Christ. Google to read the stories of those who have escaped the cult of Bethel Church the next time you think there are no victims. Or sadly, listen to the story of two-year old Olive Heiligenthal.  View article →


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