Southern Baptists, Calvary Chapel Supporting Ministry That Tells Women How to Have an Abortion

“In a page on the ministry’s website titled Choosing an Abortion Provider: 12 Considerations, Stanton instructs women on how to seek an abortion provider once they’ve made the decision to do so. Giving them a list of “considerations,” some of the advice they give includes…”

(Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)   As Christians, we are to look at abortion as murder — the unjust taking of innocent life — and a non-option not only for believers but society as a whole. It is not something that we look at as a last resort after we’ve sought exhaustively all other options….

No, it is a crime against God and man that deserves the highest in capital punishment and we are to fight against it with every fiber of our being.

Yet, mainstream Christianity has embraced a movement that labels itself “pro-life” while, on the one hand, giving lip service to anti-abortionism and on the other hand, advocating for “holistic” approaches that only view abortion as a “sometimes necessary” evil.  View article →


Abort-Pro-Life Issues