The 20 Biggest Virtue Signalers of 2019

“The same people adding to her [Rachel Denhollander) fame and popularity were intimidating same-sex abuse victims into silence. Both she and her husband failed to do due diligence about the organization. Had they looked into the recent history of the ERLC and the SBC, they would have seen that only four months prior to the Caring Well conference, the SBC had blocked a resolution on whistleblowers and sex abuse.”

(Bobby Lopez)  “Virtue Signaling” has become a bit cliché. Still, the term describes a certain kind of public persona. Though the term includes virtue, we all know that when we say someone is virtue-signaling we are criticizing them. If you have virtue you do not signal it….

The first and foremost vice is pride. So the virtuous by nature tend not to feel the need to brandish their status as righteous people.

I have assembled this vogue/rogue gallery of the greatest purveyors of gilded righteousness. Let me say, yes, I am a hypocrite and shameless virtue-signaler, which is why I include myself in the top 20! Also, I want to forewarn you that two names will not appear on this list. Mike Wilkinson and Randy Stinson got a lot of attention in the controversy surrounding my firing. I do not want to dwell on their meetings with me. The other names on this list may strike a chord.  View article →