United Methodists Propose Split: UMC to Start ‘LGBTQ’-Approving Religion While ‘Traditionalists’ Form Own Denom

With the “traditionalists” gone, Hamilton stated, it would then pave the way to allow those remaining to vote to change the United Methodist Book of Discipline to eliminate any verbiage characterizing homosexuality as being contrary to Christianity.

(Heather Clark – Christian News)  Citing that the United Methodist Church (UMC) is at an “impasse” on the issue of homosexuality, a proposal has been put forward to mutually agree for “traditionalist” United Methodists to leave and form their own denomination, so that those remaining can remove the biblical prohibition on homosexuality as encompassed in the Book of Discipline and thus allow for same-sex “marriages” in churches and the ordination of homosexual clergy.

Adam Hamilton, who leads United Methodist Church of the Resurrection of Leawood, Kansas, announced the proposal on Friday. It is one of two up for consideration — the other of which would conversely result in the departure of the homosexual-affirming entities to form their own denomination.

Hamilton’s group is believed to be the largest in the UMC, with 22,000 members and four locations, and is openly homosexual-affirming on its website, offering a “LGBT Ministry” and a “LGBT and Allies Community Group.”  View article →