An Update On The Rise of Perry Noble. 2016-2020.

Removed from his Church, he spent 30 days in rehab and went through a dark time of depression and doubt, including having suicidal thoughts at having lost it all. With no more involvement with Newspring and no money coming in (other than the monster severance package he likely received) he founded a business called “The Growth Company”.

(Dustin Germain – Pulpit & Pen) For many people, the last they heard of Perry Noble was back in 2016. At the time he was the founder and lead pastor of Newspring Church, an SBC mega-church with a daily attendance of 32,000….

He was seen as a rock star in evangelical circles, headlining major conferences and sending social media ablaze with every new provocation from the pulpit. He was also widely known for several minor scandals, such as playing AC/DC’s ‘Highway to Hell’ for their Easter service, being rebuked by his denomination for bad theology when he called the 10 commandments “10 promises” and to a lesser extent being the foil to reformed folk and discernment bloggers alike when he rebuked congregation members in his church who said they wanted to go “deeper” and dismissed them as “jackasses.’

Then the story broke. Perry Noble had been kicked out of his church by his elders for his “posture toward his marriage and increased reliance on alcohol and other behaviors.” (essentially being an alcoholic whose life and marriage was out of control.)  View article →


Perry Noble