Yes, Sadly, The UMC Split Is Pretty Racist

“The UMC “deal,” boils down to this: the American WASP UMC told their African brothers and sisters in Christ that these Africans don’t get to dictate policy to the WASPs. The African churches were started by western UMC missionaries, and the churches were successfully transitioned to growing, indigenous-led, healthy congregations. Now that the black-led African churches have held to Biblical values that American progressives reject, the lily-white Americans say the black Africans need to learn their place.”

(Steve Berman – The Resurgent)  It’s very sad that the United Methodist Church can’t put the issue of Biblical marriage vs. same-sex marriage to bed. But American progressives won’t let it go until they’ve made every church denomination bow to their worldview….

Unfortunately, they see the UMC churches in Africa as an unmovable impediment to their goal, and have worked out a deal to remove those churches from their fellowship.

The agreement, which was facilitated by mediation expert Kenneth Feinberg, reportedly gives $25 million to the “traditional” denomination that will be formed. That group will include churches in the U.S. as well as most of the churches in Africa, the Post reported.

So, it’s money the progressives value over the revealed Word of God, so money is what they give (as in, thirty pieces of silver). They get to keep the majority of U.S. church properties. I say, truly they have their reward.

Of course, this deal is racist on its face. I don’t expect my view to be very popular. I expect I’ll get a lot of indignant “how dare you!”s in response. But if you feel that way, read the whole thing and see what your heart tells you. View article →