Baptist Press quoted NIF rep who wrote blog for Soros Open Society

The actual grant numbers from Open Society Foundation to NIF were verified by The Blaze in a 2013 story that includes a great quote from Richard Land on the reported Soros connection. Land reportedly said, “If God can use the jawbone of an ass to achieve His purpose, He can use George Soros, too.” 

(Capstone Report) Want to know how desperate Baptist Press and its Evangelical Elite employers are to hide the truth about the Evangelical Immigration Table’s historic and undeniable connections with George Soros funded entities?…

It quoted a National Immigration Forum employee who wrote a blog about the Evangelical Immigration Table for the Soros Open Society Foundation.


The National Immigration Forum is so separate, and so totally not connected to the Open Society Foundation that Ali Noorani penned a blog for the George Soros grant giving foundation.

And it was Noorani who denied in Baptist Press that the Evangelical Immigration Table has benefitted from Soros funding. View article →


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